Onwards & Upwards!

2017 has been a big year! Found out we were expecting our first child, we were in our first home together (it was a rental but it still counts!) and now I sit again at my dining table with my daughter asleep next to me and I’ve compiled a list of final things to do before our moving truck arrives this afternoon. Yep! Moving again, only this time it’s a means to an end.

During my first few months of pregnancy I was so ill. Morning sickness was anytime during the day when it felt like rearing it’s ugly head, and my energy levels were so low that I was sleeping in between my trips to the bathroom for most of the day. I was put on bed rest due to being a high risk pregnancy (endo, pcos & previous miscarriages place you in that category) and ended up losing my income because of it. Grant had to cover everything and deal with me being a complete mental case due to raging hormones from the pregnancy! It was certainly not easy for either of us and I could only imagine how he would feel every time I had lost control. He was so incredibly patient and loving regardless of things I said to him or me stomping around the house like an elephant on a mission! Things finally settled down in my second trimester… phew!

I was approved to go back to work part time and local so I didn’t have to drive very far or for very long. I was so relieved because money was tight and as you all probably know, finances can strain any relationship and cause stress to anyone. It was nice being able to contribute again and get my energy back! I was able to do my make up and my hair (kinda) without it draining all my energy. My job is fun too so I was really looking forward to getting straight back into it. This being my second job of course because that ticked all the boxes unlike my main job which was a far commute and full time. Unfortunately, I had to end my employment there because I felt guilty for leaving them short staffed and had no idea when or if I was returning to work before baby was born. On the bright side this freed up my time and head space to concentrate on preparing for baby.

Everything was moving along nicely, baby was growing, I was shift supervisor at my job and working 5 nights a week (short hour shifts). Money was coming in again so we managed to get through somewhat comfortably whilst I counted down the days to my maternity leave. Energy started to slip again…sheesh! Earlier than planned too! I was hoping to work up until two ro 3 weeks before my due date but ended up planning to finish up work 6 weeks before my due date. It worked out for the best though, doctor didn’t want me going past 40 weeks so booked me in for an induction at 38weeks and 5days. I was so excited yet nervous because I knew exactly when my little girl was going to be born. It was time I got my act together and set up the house ready for her.

I was suddenly cleaning every day, making sure laundry was done almost daily just in case. Did meal prep, which I will be doing again for next baby! Then finally and most certainly my favourite thing, sleep! I slept anytime I could or even rested my eyes whenever I could because I had been told the entire pregnancy from other mums and my family that I will never sleep that much again. Before we knew it, it was induction day! We woke up at 4:30am on the Tuesday morning to be at the hospital by 6am ready to begin. What a day it was! At 6:55am the nurses broke my waters and then at 7:25am started me on the drip to bring on contractions. Honestly, not as bad as the horror stories I’ve heard from other mums who had awful experiences or experienced sudden onset of contractions.

It was pretty chill for the most part, I was 3cm and starting to feel contractions just felt mostly crampy and annoying. A couple of hours later I started having the gas to ease the pain and try to keep control of everything. Good thing, I discussed early with the nurses what my options were for pain relief and when I could ask for it. As soon as I felt like the contractions were creeping up to the same pain level as my endo pain, I requested the gas. Started off with a low dosage and then not long after I had been increased to max dosage of the gas. It was interesting that’s for sure, it took me a little while to get the hang of it because I kept missing my contractions at first. Then I knew when a contraction was about to happen so I would start inhaling and it helped! However, I knew that I was going to need more than the gas as I hadn’t even begun estalished labour!!

At 10:45am I was 4cm dilated and nurses confirmed I was in established labour now, my threshold for the pain apparently was really good however I was starting to feel really emotional and generally when I’m emotional my control over my pain and breathing tends to suffer. So we arranged for some morphine to see how that would relieve some pain. Honestly, the next 4 hours were somewhat of a blur. I remember having the morphine injection but was so focused on trying to get comfortable and literally had the gas mouthpiece firmly placed between my teeth. It felt like I was forever inhaling that gas. After that, I vomited which the nurses said was the morphine and so it was then I decided I wanted an epidural. I recommend an epidural to anyone who wants because it really helped and I was scared of the procedure for nothing. And I even had a minor complication!!

2pm – the start of my epidural procedure. I was advised it would only be a 15 minute procedure and all I would feel is pressure on back. Everytime I felt a contraction, I would tell the nurses and Grant was holding my arms to keep me focused on staying still so the doctor could work his magic. Mum was also with me and Grant from the start for support. I’m so glad she was there, I couldn’t have done it without the combination of both my mum and partner! The epidural literally felt like someone was pushing their finger on my back, that was all.. I was pleasantly surprised. The only thing I was getting upset about was that my neck was getting sore from sitting still for so long, I felt like I needed to stretch! The minor complication I mentioned earlier was that a small blood vessel was nicked by the needle so the doctor has to remove the needle I think and make sure I didn’t bleed. Or something like that. Can’t really remember all that well. So the procedure took almost an hour to do. Was totally worth it, trust me!

I can’t remember what time it was but after no pain for a few hours I suddenly felt this intense pressure and was really uncomfortable. The nurse asked me what was wrong and I, not knowing how to really explain it, said to her that I have this serious urge to poo. I remember them telling me not to give in to the urge and to try and breath through it. This was using up all of my energy and muscles to resist what my body was telling me to do. She kept checking in on me asking if the “urge” is getting more intense and frequent. Once I had said yes, they arranged for another examination of my cervix. This was at 7:15pm and they told me that I was fully dilated and ready to push, I literally burst into tears from joy because I could finally let my body to what it wanted.

I started pushing at 7:17pm and literally 12 minutes later my daughter was born!!! 8hours and 44minutes of labour and 12 minutes of pushing… I could not have asked for a better situation! She was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. I had fallen in love with Grant all over again and suddenly was overwhelmed with love in my heart! I would do it all again tomorrow for that feeling of relief and love!

Since she has been born Grant and I have grown frustrated at how little we acheived before her. So now, the move into my parents house is for us to save for a deposit to buy our first home. This new chapter in our lives has had one heck of a start, wouldn’t you say?

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