Day 1 of being home alone with a newborn!

For those of you out there who have yet to experience parenthood, being a first time parent is hard work and that’s is with assistance from parents and nurses. For those parents out there who are either single parents or have one of the parents immediately going back to work, I applaud you!

I love being a mum but it is such an adjustment to the life I led prior to her birth. I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted in a nutshell and I only had to consider my partner whenever doing anything. For the last month I have had my partner at home with me this entire month and we have had to stay home with the baby or one of us quickly duck out to the shop for groceries and when visiting family we both go.

Now we begin the next step, Grant goes back to work and Kass (me) stays home with the little babe until such time I go back to work or at the very least until she is 8 weeks old and she has had her immunisations. The overwhelming feeling of needing to protect this little human from everything is so incredible, that your emotions can get the better of you. Like my anxiety for example, I’ve had my fair share of the emotional rollercoaster and from what I understand that never goes away, however you can control it.

Today has been very productive but this is only day 1 and being that we recently moved in with my folks there was still a fair bit of organising to do. This morning I had to quickly go to the shop before Grant left for work so I knew I didn’t have to worry later. I’m so glad I did, coz now I know my little one has formula and Grant has dinner to come home to. I still have laundry to do but that’s ok, I just need to dry it, fold it and then put it all away. I feel much better now that my daughters room is now set up!

After that, I can relax I guess until the babe wakes up for her feed and nappy change. I’ll be exhausted by the end of the day, guaranteed.

I feel so lucky to have the support network that I do because as much as I have struggled so far, there is no way of knowing how much harder it would’ve been without everyone. I strongly suggest to anyone considering becoming a parent to really keep a list of people to call whether it be the grandparents, friends or even nurses because you never know when you may need some help or just a break for an hour to enjoy your coffee while it’s hot (I have had many cold coffees since becoming a mother and not the iced kind).

If you like what you read and feel you relate or have any questions that you think I potentially have an answer to, please feel free to follow my blog or comment below with anything and I will do my best to answer you 🙂

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