Mummy Duties vs 9 to 5 work

I love being a mum, watching my little babe become more and more aware of her home is amazing and so rewarding! However, it is the hardest job I’ve ever had in my life so far and I’m only 7 weeks in! The babymoon (as they call) has worn off essentially, the emotions I felt when my daughter was born were extremely overwhelming but I had a very sleepy baby. The first month was probably the easiest part of being a parent, baby is born and doesn’t really cry (not yet), baby sleeps all day except for when changing their nappy or feeding them and now as we are half way through the second month of my daughters life she is really starting to show her personality.

Oh boy! So exciting, my daughter started smiling! The most gorgeous smile I’ve ever seen in my life, I’m sure every parent says this about their own. As every parent is aware this also means that baby is now realising that when they cry, the parents will do one of many things like changing their nappy, feeding them or just paing attention to them. They become bored, well at least it seems that way. It’s hard work already and I have the rest of my life to love and care for this human. Working my old jobs were so easy in comparison. You get up go to work, attend for 8 hours basically building a rapport with customers or doing the same old boring shit day in and day out but it was so easy! I would have fun at work, of course, but that was in between the complaints and deadlines and KPI’s etc. Mind you, which is all outlined in your job description generally in a contract or even accessible online. Not being a parent, there are suggestions or courses/classes to help you prepare but once that baby is here it’s a whole new ball game. Babies don’t follow rules of a book or contract, they are a living being who is learning how to be a functioning human.

I recently started trying to work from home doing telesales, it’s tough I’ll admit trying to work around a baby and earn an income at the same time. How do other parents out there do it? I know there is daycare options available or babysitters but because I’m not ready to leave her yet this was my option. Even though I am at home every day and trying to earn an income at home it is still much easier to get up get dressed attend an office then once finished to come home and leave work at work.

I commend all parents out there who do both, be parent and wokr full time because I know that I couldn’t do that right now and honestly have no idea when I’ll ever be ready to go back to work full time. I’m sure there will be a day where I will have no choice because let’s face it, the cost of living is always rising and without a double income the dream of owning a home with my partner in life for the future of our family would be impossible. Luckily for us, my parents have graciously taken us into their home to allow us the best possible chance of having everything we dream of having. Hopefully, I can make working from home manageable enough to sustain the lifestyle we want as well as saving for the dream home in the most expensive state in Australia.

I feel so grateful to have the love and support of my family and my partners family, it definitely helps makes things easier including the fact they allow us to have date night to make sure we are forever working on our relationship because that has been one of the most difficult things to remember to do.

I hope that I can make this work for my family because I really do love being a stay at home mummy and hopefully soon to be stay at home wife! A topic for another day 🙂

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