Christmas Already!?!

Whoa time does fly! Where did this year go? Do you ever just sit back and review the year thinking “Did all that really just happen within a 12 month period?”. I’ve had that kinda year. Christmas has just crept up on me and I’m still yet to purchase gifts for my family… 3 weeks left!! Normally I would be ok with this and wing it but this year I have a baby and so going shopping or having the disposable income to just purchase whatever I see first is out of the question. I’ll definitely be more prepared next year!

I haven’t really celebrated Christmas in a few years because I’ve been on my own or because I haven’t felt the need to. Grant is the same he hasn’t felt the need to celebrate Christmas either, however I think that is because his birthday is a week later and it’s just one if those things I guess. Now that we have our own little family we have to learn to be excited for these types of holidays because we want Willow to experience everything there is to experience as a child before she becomes an adult (or wanting to be an adult) and things change.

Maybe this is actually deep down for me, I know that one day she may not want to celebrate holidays with us because we are her parents, and let’s be honest we all thought that was lame when we were younger regardless of whether or not we had fun. I have to figure out what kind of Christmas traditions I want to continue each year, do we spend the actual day at home just our little family? Or do we see everyone on Christmas Day? This year will be different because we live with my folks so Christmas morning will be spent with Willow’s Nanny & Poppy (My folks) and then later in the day we will see her Nan & Pop (Grant’s folks). Christmas Eve is always fun with my extended family, that will probably never change and I hope it doesn’t.

My baby girl will be 3 months old soon and I cannot believe that time has flown by so fast. It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago that I took those pregnancy tests (the very first ones) back in January and they came back negative! Now 11 months later and I sit here reminiscing over the years events, moving out of Grant’s folks house into our rental then finding out I was pregnant then having the baby and then moving in with my folks. Most recently, we got engaged and are now planning our wedding! So so excited! We will be a family in every way completely! I will share the same surname as my daughter and my now fiance.

I can’t wait for 2018, it’s going to be another exciting year!

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