Oh… Hello Monday

Are Mondays ever productive? How has your Monday been? Mine has been a combination of productive, fun, lazy and tiring. Normally it’s date night but today ended up being date day haha. It’s been fulfilling that’s for sure.

Woke up knowing we had to pick up our daughters’ Santa photo’s from Richmond and we figured we might as well have lunch there and do our grocery shopping… Well, that did not pan out this way. Instead it went a little like this:

Baby girl wakes up around 8:30am for her breakfast bottle and we spend a little time together talking and cooing or gurgling whichever she decides is the way to communicate. She then gets tired and restless so we put her back to bed for a nap, an hour passes playing wordscape or something on our phones before we realise we are hungry and haven’t done our shopping yet. Ahhh time to get out of bed and get ready to run errands.

It is now approximately 10am and I’m washing and sterilizing baby bottles from the night before, bubba wakes up for her next feed and whilst daddy looks after her I continue to pack her bag and prepare her bottles. Teamwork! Feeling like we are definitely going to complete the tasks I had previously set the day before.

We leave for Richmond and baby is well fed and satisfied, Grant and I have a good old chat and laugh on the way to pick up the Santa Photo’s discussing mostly what we should eat for lunch and plan dinner. We get to Richmond and get the photo’s and I cannot even describe how happy I was to see our little girl basically frowning at the photographer, only because I remember how hard she worked trying to get her to smile haha. Poor woman, must be difficult trying to obtain the attention of children all day.

Once we were done there we couldn’t figure out what we wanted to eat, all we knew is that nothing at Richmond was grabbing our attention. Well, I could’ve have this vegetable sushi thing my mum got me once but Grant doesn’t like Sushi nor vegetables really unless it’s broccoli in a stir fry type meal. So naturally we decide to go somewhere that can cater to everything we needed to do which was eat lunch and do grocery shopping, Westfield Shopping Centre at Penrith.

We got to Penrith approximately 12:30pm and by that time we were all hungry including the baby! So we quickly change her nappy to settle her and we headed toward the food court. Walking from one end of the centre to the other we picked up a couple of chiller drinks from Gloria Jeans and again discussed food. Also, kinda discussed how we want to get our daughter a cute little outfit that would resemble Baby Metal. Red and Black tartan style outfit, so cute. Anyways, moving onto to lunch, we got to the food court and still nothing stood out for Grant so I decided we should have Stir Crazy. I’m glad I picked it haha.

Grant fed Willow whilst I ordered food and we enjoyed our little date, the one thing that I love but hate is random people constantly stopping to tell us how cute our daughter is haha. I love it but we just want to eat and be in peace. Apparently almost everyone who walked past would look into her pram as they passed us. Once we were done we went for a stroll and looked around for feisty pets (no such luck, wahhh). Picked up some Christmas presents which was a nice surprise, I thought it was going to be difficult to find presents for family.

After that, we had just had enough and wanted to go home, so we did. Looks like grocery shopping will just have to wait until tomorrow and we will have leftovers from lunch for dinner. Happy days! Since being home, it’s been a very relaxing afternoon/evening and continue to keep that up until we call it night. Parenthood calls for early nights and to be honest I will never take sleeping for granted ever again haha. I’m sure every parent out there can relate!

Happy Monday all! Hope yours has been as random as mine has been! Talk to you all again soon 🙂

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