Returning to Work…

Sigh… No one likes returning to work, whether it be after a weekend or holiday, regardless of the enjoyment you may or may not get from your job. Everyone would love to be paid to stay at home or travel or do whatever they would prefer to do. I have done the math of when I will need to return to work… 8 weeks… I honestly thought I would be alright with the idea but as it turns out, I’m just like everybody else, I would rather be a stay at home mum and wife.

I’m torn, I want to be a full time stay at home mum and wife however returning to work obviously has financial advantages for my family. I’m clearly not ready now to return to work but I don’t really have a choice come next year in February. Well, I could easily not work but then it would take us several years to be in a position to buy our home and extend on our family. With me returning to work and gradually working my way up to full time it would take us less than a year to at least speak to a broker and discuss our options.

I cannot believe I have been on Maternity Leave since the end of August, 3 months gone by in a flash and I kinda wish I accepted mum and dads offer to move in with them sooner. We would’ve have been much better off financially but obviously we didn’t realize how much our daughter would change our perspective on all aspects of life. We want the best for her and renting was not it. At least here, we can work towards a better future for our daughter and for ourselves.

I wonder how I’m going to cope returning to work and being away from Willow for several hours at a time a few days a week? I miss her when Grant and I go on date nights and that’s only for a couple of hours! Sometimes we don’t even go anywhere, mum and dad just look after her whilst we are in our bedroom watching a movie or playing video games. I’m sometimes quite envious of some bloggers or even vloggers because some of them are stay at home mums, I can assume their blogs or vlogs earn them enough money to be able to do so or they were crazy good savers and had thousands put away to cover them for longer.

Ugh… I shouldn’t really complain, I’ve been very lucky to have had what will be 5 months maternity leave once I return to work. I’m sure there are some women out there who have had no choice but to return to work immediately after. Maybe one day, I will be fortunate enough to have the work life balance I really crave and be able to earn enough to assist Grant in sustaining a comfortable lifestyle.

I would love to hear stories from other mums or wives or both, just to know how they are able to stay at home full time to look after the house and family. Maybe I might or maybe I’ll figure it out myself and share my knowledge. Who knows? Either way, I will cherish these next 8 weeks of being with my daughter full time before my return to the workforce.

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