Confessions of a…. what?

I am so impatient! I ordered make-up online a few weeks ago and I’m still yet to receive it – yes I ordered it from overseas. I’ve been following Shaaanxo on YouTube and it just made me decide to spend a little bit of extra cash on make-up instead of being cheap.

I’ve bought the same cheap shit from the supermarket for pretty much most of my adult life because I felt that I could spend my money on better stuff – like food (junk mostly….I know it’s bad for me etc etc). The problem I keep facing is that some days I’m a pro at applying this cheap makeup and it would look too heavy or it would last most of the day. However, I am noticing that I’m just not satisfied with the hit and miss factor with my current make-up. My poor skin is suffering hardcore because my pores are crater like on my face – ok, this is an exaggeration but you catch my drift.

Most days I don’t wear make-up purely for the fact that it takes up a little bit of time that I could be spending with my daughter or doing household things. But dammit sometimes I just wake up and want to play with make-up. I think it’s fun and who doesn’t like feeling pretty right?

I mostly wear a smokey-eye (purple and black) with a nude lip because honestly that’s all I really have. I have a cheap eye-shadow palette but not sure of the brand. I thought about adding some content to a YouTube channel but not sure whether I could be as creative or consistent with putting up regular tutorials or videos with make-up because I don’t have the money or the products on hand to do several videos. I could try I guess, it would be fun haha

I also thought about editing videos/recordings of my time gaming with Grant, my cousin and some friends. I have hours upon hours of material and have a lot fun gaming, that also might be an idea for some content. I suppose I could always edit some videos and add to my blog. Get some input or comments or potentially a following. I think I could really enjoy a work life balance doing this but of course it all takes time, IF I can provide good enough content.

I went from make-up to gaming in this post… confessions of a gamer/woman who wants to play with makeup and run a blog and maybe a YouTube Channel? I dunno, but what I do know is that I want to make the most of the time that I have on maternity leave to be productive figure out what I want to do now that I have had my daughter. Working full time scares me a little and part time sounds more feasible to me. I get to spend more time with Willow and still earn enough to sustain a comfortable lifestyle.

I would love for my blog to get a substantial following and build a community I can be apart of for some inspiration or just to read something I can relate to. I just gotta do the hard yards and see what this next few months has in store for me and my family.

One dream of mine has already come to fruition, who’s to say that I can’t have a second dream now and it do the same thing.

Jeez, sometimes I really don’t stay on topic eh? Ha! Maybe you will get enjoyment out of seeing where my scatterbrain can end up!

10 thoughts on “Confessions of a…. what?

  1. The Pages of Paige says:

    Hi newbie blogger friend! My name is Paige (which is totally given away from my username) and I started my blog earlier this year. Not that you asked my opinion, but I’ll give it to you anyway — totally go for it. ALL of it….well, maybe not alllllll but pick one of the things that you mentioned and put your heart and soul into it! Your blog may be the easiest place to start because you can add your video content here and there, write a bit about your makeup, or gush about a new game you’re playing! From one newbie blogger to another, this community is amazing and oh so supportive. So I’ll be one of the first to tell you that I’ll be reading along to your blog and cheering you on as you go! You have a great voice so keep going! Happy Friday sugar ๐Ÿ™‚

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