1st Trimester of Pregnancy… not what I expected

After so long of waiting for this time of my life to happen, I thought I knew exactly what to expect. I had read articles, e-books, watched vlogs and followed some YouTube mums to get information that weren’t clinical from a doctor. Yet I still did not expect the first trimester to be the experience I had.

When I found out I was pregnant I was so excited and the initial symptoms weren’t awful. Sore boobs, some nausea, random needs to nap mid afternoon or dozing off mid afternoon uncontrollably. Work was difficult, I was so absent minded at first because I needed to book my first appointment and I just wanted to see my mum to tell her the amazing news since I already waved the pee riddled test in front of Grants face already that morning, poor guy.

How was I supposed to get through the next 8 hours when I couldn’t concentrate properly? Thinking back to before testing positive to pregnancy all my symptoms were there and I just new I was actually pregnant but had no proof yet. The exhaustion, the dozing off at my desk and the aching body all finally made sense.

Then all of a sudden I was put on immediate bed rest because of my history with endo, fibroids, PCOS and miscarriages. I was on aspirin, Elevit and progesterone initially to assist with the implantation process and initial stages of pregnancy. The nausea turned into morning sickness which not only occurred in the mornings but all day long, it was tiring having to throw up every hour essentially. My throat was sore, my stomach was extremely unsettled and all I wanted to do was sleep all the time.

I guess my weight didn’t help, my first weigh in I was 112kgs but I was already 5 months pregnant so before that I was 109kgs about 3 weeks before I found out. Being overweight would’ve definitely made me more tired right? I wasn’t exactly healthy in the way of my lifestyle – ate junk food a fair bit, smoked and would have a drink or two every other day. When I found out I was pregnant the smoking was the hardest to give up, in the end I may have had 1 cigarette per 3 or 4 weeks after a really bad urge for a smoke.

All these must-haves that are all over the internet as articles or blog/vlogs whatever, can be complete rubbish depending on the person. I was very comfortable in my daggy clothes, eating exactly what I craved because it was satisfying and somehow stopped my nausea. My anxiety levels went through the roof and I mean like I was the spawn of that is evil because I would lose my shit so easily and then I couldn’t cope with anything after that.

Honestly, if I was to have any tips or to impart wisdom onto first time mums here is what you should know;

  • Don’t expect your pregnancy to anything like whatever your read or see
  • If you’re tired – sleep! Fuck it, because you’ll eventually get things done later.
  • Always say yes to help that is offered because honestly any task is tiring
  • Eat whatever the fuck you like, nothing really worked for me except for eating exactly what I craved.

There were some things that were accurate but mostly just do whatever makes you feel relaxed and calm because your body needs to not be tense so that it can focus on growing your baby.

I complained sometimes because I was being really sooky and feeling ill all the time, but would do it all over again no question 🙂

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