A Day in the Life of.. Part 1

There are so many of these blogs out there and I quite enjoy reading what a typical day consists of for some people and so I thought I would share my average day with you all!

Here it goes..

Typically my day would technically start at 2am on average when my daughter wakes up for her night feed and so I’ll start from there 🙂

I wake to Will stirring and making grunting noises around 2am so I get out of bed heat up her bottle of boiled water that I prepare and refrigerate the previous day, add her formula and a bit of Farex (baby cereal) to it. I’ll walk into her room shaking up the bottle to mix it up and when I look into her cot she is looking up in my direction anxious for her food! She takes about an average of 10-20 minutes to feed and then I’ll burp her, change her nappy and put her back in her cot then I’ll go back to bed. Just quickly, she has been sleeping her cot and having Farex in every bottle since she was about 5 weeks old. She has been sleeping for about 5 to 8 hours every night since.

5am – generally I wake up before Grants alarm starts going off because Willow wakes up for her next feed. This is the same routine as the 2am feed, except lately I can’t get back to sleep so I stay awake. Grant starts getting ready for work, I am either sitting on the bed or up getting dressed or doing my make-up to feel a little more ready for the day ahead. Once Grant leaves for work, which is still one of the things I hate about mornings is seeing him go for the day (yes I can be a needy person) however I will admit that it is nice to have some alone time with Willow and for myself, I then get out my diary and write a to-do list.

My to-do list consists of the following:

  • Washing, drying and folding laundry (every 2nd day for all 3 of us)
  • Wash and sterilize Willows bottles, bowls and spoons
  • Emptying bins (bedroom, bathroom, toilet and sometimes kitchen since dad takes out the kitchen rubbish nightly)
  • Reviewing our budget regularly to make sure I have everything covered especially since moving changed our budget drastically and factoring the potential income I will lose when returning to work part time.
  • Researching blog tips and tricks to ensure my blog is at it’s best (or at least trying to make it as best I can)
  • Being Christmas around the corner, I update my shopping list to make sure I have presents bought and wrapped 🙂
  • Still yet to rotate Willows clothes in her room and collapse her bassinet that she no longer sleeps in.

By 9am Willow will wake up for her breakfast (started spoon feeding 1-2 baby spoons of farex mixed with her formula about 5 weeks ago) and over the last few days I have started adding some apple or pear puree to her cereal (1 little baby spoon) which she is loving! She gets cranky with me when I don’t feed her fast enough… just like her mum she gets a little hangry!

Afterwards I’ll generally talk and play with Willow for about half an hour or so before she gets tired. Lately she likes to nap on her sleeping bag that her Nanny & Poppy bought her flat on her tummy otherwise she cries and screams at me like I’ve betrayed her somehow… I look forward to when she can start talking and telling me what she wants OR when she can start doing it herself haha. Although, I like that she is still my little cuddly baby (when this summer heat isn’t overheating her).

While Willow has her mid morning nap it gives me a few hours most days to wash her bottles, potentially make breakfast and a coffee (normally this is my second coffee) I’ll watch some YouTube and then I’ll get started on my to-do list. I get maybe one task done before Willow stirs and wakes up but usually she will go back to sleep within the hour, either happily or she will cry because she knows she is tired but wants to play. I love that she has started smiling and cooing now, I get to interact with her so much more than when she was a few weeks old.

She is mostly a happy baby and my morning routine doesn’t usually change, so I consider myself extremely lucky to have such a beautifully happy little girl.

I will have Part 2 of this post up next week which will explain my afternoon/evening routine (or lack there of) as this stay at home mummy blogger 🙂

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