2nd Trimester… My energy came back!

The amazing experiences from month 4 of my pregnancy was incredible, the morning sickness was finally gone & my energy levels were basically back to normal!! Things were looking up. Maybe I could go back to work and all that jazz – unfortunately my doctor said that he was only comfortable with me working part time not full time….ugh I get it.

I was put on clexane daily injections for the rest of my pregnancy to keep my blood thin to help the growth of bub and keep the placenta healthy. A lot of planning started to happen especially since at this point everyone knew I was pregnant and I was super excited to just start getting ideas and plan.

Doctor’s appointments were fortnightly at this stage and technically I was still on bed rest as well, in May my doctor finally agreed to let me go back to work part time only and I was relieved because finances were super tight as well. I worked 5 nights a week and it was super fun, time just flew! Before I knew it my mum had book basically everything we needed and I looked for free stuff on gumtree (or even just super discounted stuff). So many bargains – it’s crazy! We got the cot for free and we painted it matte black and we bought a bouncer for $10.00! We were given so many things it was crazy! I had so much support from work too (both jobs) they were so undestanding, it was just unfortunate that I had to let go of my main job I guess – although I think my department was outsourced in the end.

June was a rough month in the pregnancy, Grant’s car blew a head gasket and my car needed to be registered – this was an expensive month. Any money that we had saved was soon spent on vehicle repairs and registration. The little money I was earning was basically just helping to keep us afloat. Grant’s phone screen broke as well, which really put the cherry on top of the fucked up June cake… ugh.

July was definitely better for us because we were just moving forward and working towards little bubba’s arrival. My baby shower was this month and we got so much stuff, I swear it was crazy how much stuff we got. We still haven’t bought anything but formula since she’s been born, we have been super lucky!

By the end of my second trimester I was getting bigger and sore, my energy started to decline again so it was time to plan my maternity leave! I intended on working up until 2 or 3 weeks before Will was due which was the 5th October, however when looking at vlogs of other mums there were a lot of recommendations to tak at leasst 4 weeks prior to prepare and rest before baby. So I booked my maternity leave from the 1st of September and I booked the week before as annual leave. All of my paid parental leave was approved by the government and all I had to do was go in once Will was born to provide her birth certificate. It seemed like everything was working out nicely!

If you want to keep up to date with my story, I’m hoping to post pregnancy and motherhood related updates every Monday (maybe twice a week depending on the week lol).

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