A Day in the Life of.. Part 2

Ok so now you know how productive my mornings can be (if you read Part 1 of course) I’m going to explain how my afternoons/evenings are.

Anywhere from midday Willow will wake up from her nap and feed (which takes up to 2 hours to feed her because she gets distracted now). We spend up until 4pm generally feeding her or playing. Then she will more than likely spend the next half hour fighting sleep, I think this is because she knows everyone will be home soon. She likes to lay on her sleeping bag on her play mat and either try to grab her toys or she will just watch tv or YouTube whichever I have on.

She is so much like her dad in the fact that she likes tv and the way she sleeps. She also reminds me of my sister (her aunty) from when she was a baby, although I can only compare to the home videos and photos I’ve seen. So damn adorable! I still can’t believe that this is my life now, I am a mother to a beautiful little girl who is just amazing in every way! I’m engaged to marry my best friend, father of my child and partner in everything. I look forward to going back to work for the sheer fact that it will benefit my family.

Mum gets home around 4pm (if she isn’t held back for any reason) adn within the hour dad and Grant will arrive at home. There is a little bit of catch up before we all do our own thing and this is when Willow will fight sleep so much so that she might even end up crying so hard that the tears start streaming and you can hear how hard she’s trying to cry and stay awake. She eventually falls asleep around 5:30pm and then I’ll organise dinner (although lazy Kass kicks in and procrastinates), lately I’ve been organizing take away food because I’ve either been lazy or I just felt too hot to cook anything.

Grant will generally be on his computer watching videos on YouTube or Netflix or contemplating playing a game. Although for the past few weeks he has been heavily following the trend of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, doing some research and started mining for cryptocurrencies. Just like any form of trading there is risk to it, we can spend the next 8 years mining and maybe earn some money doing it but the market could crash at any point. We will see what happens there.

Around 6:30 or 7pm Willow will again wake up for her feed and this time it’s another bowl of baby cereal mixed with a puree to introduce her to different foods. She is so good at spoon feeding now and she seems to be super healthy and happy! Then she will generally stay awake until 9pm which is when we put her in her cot and she is down for the night (I know right, so good!)

I generally do my blogging and reading other blogs once she is asleep because during the day it can be a little tough to do it in between the other tasks I have to do. However when typing this one up I did it throughout the day! Woo go me 🙂

I’m thinking I should be able to put up 3 posts per week and maybe some extras in between if I have the time or the inspiration. Wish me luck!

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