Christmas Eve with the extended Family!

I love this tradition! Every year for as long as I can remember my parents, auntys, cousins and grandparents get together for Christmas lunch and shenanigans! Yesterday was just as awesome!

We added an extra tradition last year where instead of buying everyone a gift (because it is so so expensive) what we do is each person buys a $5 gift, wraps it and puts it under the family Christmas tree. Everyone gets a number ascending from number one until everyone has a number. We then in order pick a gift, we can then choose to swap with someone who has already opened a gift and they have to hand it over! It can be so brutally hilarious!

Let’s just say, I have had my ideal $5 gift swapped from me each year so far.. dammit haha

We set up our easy set pool yesterday and put Willow in it for her first ever swim!!! She loved it as much as a 3 month old would 🙂 it was so nice because this heat is horrible!

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & I would love to hear about the traditions you all celebrate for Christmas! Leave a comment below and I’ll talk to you soon!!!


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