3 Month Update: Baby & Postpartum

Where did the last 3 months go!?! My little girl has officially grown out of her newborn clothes!

I haven’t done any updates prior to this one but I figure why not start now right? Apart from photos uploaded to social media of how much I think my daughter is the most adorable baby ever, I want to be able to look back over my posts and read about how much she is growing!

Baby Update

The biggest milestones over the last month for Willow has been the fact that is smiling so much now and she is cooing all the time! In fact, she even had her first giggle while she was in the bath!! If this giggle is anything to go by then I believe she will have the biggest belly laugh!

She has found her hands and will suck on them any chance she gets and with her left arm she has started lifting it to her mouth then dropping it back by her side. This repeats for as long as it takes before she gets tired, or bored, or hungry… doesn’t matter. She is loving TV and I literally have to turn her head to face me if I want attention or try feeding her! She is just like her daddy, loves technology of all kinds.

Tummy time – at first it was ok for her to spend about 30 seconds on her tummy and then she would get upset. Now? She basically lives on her tummy, she can’t get enough and she likes to sleep on her tummy or on her side.

She is such a good baby, she is mostly happy and only cries (or whimpers) when she has a wet or dirty nappy (sometimes it’s barely wet and she’ll cry at me), hungry or tired. She gets a little more vocal when she is bored but that is more cooing rather than crying. She eats so well, I’ve been giving her a taste of different pureed foods to see what she likes and doesn’t like. Oh my, it is so much fun watching her experience new things and found that so far she is a fan of apple and pear 🙂 turned her head each time I tried a beef and vegetable puree but liked chicken and vegetable puree. Developing likes and dislikes already…haha

I don’t think she is far off holding her own head up while on her tummy, seeing as she is already able to be held upright and can control her head movements. Willow is such a good sleeper, aways has been really except for a random night here and there where she will wake up an extra 2 or 3 times through the night. If you read my blog post A Day in the Life of.. Part 1 you would have read a brief schedule of her sleeping patterns. She naps through the day, I don’t generally time or keep track of this because when she wakes I’ll go through the motions – change her nappy, feed her and then change again if necessary.

Early teething – oh boy this has been bothering little miss for a month now, on the odd occasion she is very unsettled I assume it’s because of teething. She normally settles either by knawing on my hand or cloth, and after I put a little bonjela on her gums.

Postpartum Update

Ok so as for me, I feel like I’m back to normal physically and potentially have gained a few extra kilos (can’t say no to iced coffee and a 24pack of choc chip cookies or that second burger for dinner *rolls eyes*)


I have had several nightmares, at least one every other night and it’s generally about WIllow, Grant or my mum. Not sure why but I’ve been told it’s normal and my doctor says that it just comes with parenthood. I realise that they are just nightmares and I just need to keep doing what I think is best for my family and I’m sure all three family members will live long, happy lives.

My hair (RIP) – I am shedding like a long-haired dog… My luscious and shiny hair from pregnancy is now gone. My hair was thin to begin with so it wasn’t really super thick throughout my pregnancy just noticeably thicker. My nails were stronger but then went very brittle towards the end of my pregnancy, I now have acrylic nails so I can’t tell what they are… lol

My skin, I suppose was ok during my pregnancy and now is back to what it was before – weathered. It’s dry everywhere and can get irritated. My face is both dry and oily (oily T-zone) so nothing out of the ordinary I guess.

Emotionally I feel quite good, the love I feel is still quite intense and in turn can make things really difficult for my relationships. Maybe I’ve lost touch with people because I haven’t really wanted to go anywhere but when I do, I usually like something simple. I should probably try harder though before I go back to work.

So there you go! That is my 3 month update and hopefully I can keep this up every month 🙂 Chat to you in my next post!

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