The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Tag

Hey everyone! So I figured I would something a little fun and spotted this in my reader. A fellow blogger Melissa Gibbs did this tag, so thank you for the idea!

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love Friends! I watch the series at least once a year (sometimes twice, sorry Grant).

Let’s get started! 

The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Tag


Favorite Episode?


Every single one? Does that count? Ok ok, if I were to pick the one that makes me laugh the most it would have to be “The One with The Embryos” because everyone loves a good competition and also a feel good moment and this has both! Monica, Rachel, Joey & Chandler start with a simple bet which escalates and Pheobe has decided to be the surrogate for her brother and sister in law. Such a good episode!

Least Favorite Episode?

Ok even though in the episodes I’m about to list are my leastt favourite that doesn’t they don’t have their good qualities. However, the episodes “The One After the Super Bowl Part 1” & “Part 2” are my least favourite because it’s about Ross and his stupid monkey! Don’t hate! I just never liked Marcel, the most disruptive annoying character on the show!

Who Is Your Favorite Friend?

Chandler gif

That is definitely Chandler! I love all the characters for different reasons and can relate for different reasons, however nothing beats quick witted humour and a somewhat socially awkward charaacter, that is Chandler!

Least Favorite Friend?

I like them all for their quirks but the one friend I would rather do laundry than watch is Ross, he can get quite annoying but at the same time he has his moments.

Which Friend Best Represents Yourself?

Monica gif

I would say I probably relate mostly to Monica on so many levels. I’m neurotic, not necessarily a clean freak but have my quirks. Later in the seasons regarding reproduction, I can relate to the heartache that came with finding out it would be next to no chance on having children naturally.

Favorite Romantic Pairing?

Your Favorite Quote?

Ok so there is so many quotes, here a 2 that stick out the most.

Which of Phoebe’s Songs Is Your Favorite?

Not really one of her songs but the only time I laughed or liked her singing was when she asked Ross to get her Sting tickets “ROOOOSSSSS CAN! Get me the TICKETS!!!”

What Is Your Favorite Season?

Seasons 1 through 10… I can’t pick just one! There were so many great episodes!!!

Which Is Your Favorite Episode(s) Not Set In New York?

The One in Barbados, Part 1 & Part 2 because Monica can’t help but meddle in everyone’s affairs 😀 Amazing!!!

Favorite Guest Star?

Bruce Willis! Once the tear gates open, you can never close them! Classic!

Favorite Secondary Character?

Paul Rudd!! I love Mike, he is such the perfect match for Pheobe & he is so sassy!!

Least Favorite Secondary Character?

Janice… everybody hates Janice!

Favorite Wedding?

Ohhhh! Either Monica and Chandlers because it’s Monica and Chandler but for style, I lovee Pheobe and Mike’s wedding!! I would love to have a snowy winter wedding!

Favorite Birth?

It would have to be the birth of Jack & Erica Bing! Monica and Chandler’s children because it was super emotional and funny!!



Well that’s it… 🙂

I had a lot of fun doing this post! Thanks again to Melissa Gibbs for doing this awesome tag and inviting everyone to do it!

If you liked getting to know me a little via this tag, I encourage you to comment below other tags you would like me to do and I’ll give them a good go! Plus I had fun so it’s a win win for me 🙂

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