My Birth Story!

Now for anyone curious about being induced, it is not as scary as what some people can make it out to be. Sure, I’m not going to say it’s better than going into labour naturally because obviously this is my first baby, but I will say that if being induced is apparently worse than natural labour then it’s not so bad. I’m going to share my story and how I may have done it differently.

4:30am – Alarm goes off, we both start to get out of bed and get ready to leave home at 5am. We pack the car with a suitcase, a nappy bag and another duffle type bag. Oh plus my handbag. (Too much stuff… way too much stuff).

5am until 5:45am – I first ring mum to tell her that we left for the hospital and she said she would meet us there. We are driving to the hospital and we are both quite for the most part. As we got closer to the hospital, I started getting nervous and was asking Grant a million questions and the poor guy had the same answers as me… not sure of anything right now and don’t know what to expect.

6am – We walk into the birthing unit at the hospital and were greeted by a midwife and she took us into a birthing suite (private, yay!) and I was admitted, I had met Mary & Kerry (midwives), Allana (student midwife) and Kirsty (head midwife) and basically was told the process of what was going to happen. I asked about pain relief and I was told to just ask for it and they will give me what I request and if needed they will make suggestions.

6:55am – Kerry broke my waters and did an examination, I was 2-3cm dilated already. This felt like good news 🙂 I was quite happy but then again I wasn’t sure what to expect so that was probably a factor in how I was feeling.

7:25am – They started me on the Oxytocin drip to assist in progressing the labour. For the next few hours it just felt like menstrual cramps gradually getting more intense. I asked for the gas pretty much straight away on the lowest dosage. The first time I inhaled the gas I completely missed my contraction and went into a fit of laughter, it was incredibly funny and amusing to watch according to my mum and Grant.

Not a lot happened between that and my next evaluation at 10:45am, other than me trying to find a comfortable spot to sit or stand or lie down on. Intense cramps are not fun that’s for sure.

10:45am – I was now in established labour, contractions were closer together and lasting longer and 15 minutes later I was told that I was 4cm dilated. So now I knew that my baby was going to be born today as the average labour was established is approximately between 8 and 12 hours. Exciting news 🙂

I remember that my use of the gas was almost at it highest dosage and the next discussion was what was I going to do next because the pain was intensifying. I had organized to have a morphine shot for pain relief and to be honest by the time I had it the pain was all I could focus on, I was struggling personally because I couldn’t seem to get comfortable. I was rocking on the bed, standing up and swaying – you name it!

I shouldn’t have waited as long as I did but I finally asked for the epidural, after what felt like so long and me crying because I had basically lost focus on controlling my breathing, the anesthesiologist arrived ready to prep me for the epidural!

2pm – The preparation of the epidural procedure was underway and I was told to tell them everytime I feel a contraction so they could pause the procedure to prevent any damage. After the equipment was sterilized a contraction essentially took me by surprise and my arms flailed back into everything, so they had to re-sterilize all of it! ugh… well done Kass!

1 hour and 15 minutes later (approx)…

3:15pm – Epidural was finally complete and you know what? It did not even hurt!! Why was I so scared of it? The only annoying part of the whole procedure was having to sit still for so long. There was an error made with the procedure and they had nicked a small blood vessel so they had to re-do something with the needle I think (I honestly can’t really remember, I didn’t really care at this point) my main focus was not to stretch my back. It didn’t make any difference apart from later in my labour. I had another examination and was told I was fully effaced and 6cm dilated!! Yay, progressing nicely!

The epidural was the best thing I did, I really wish I did it earlier in the labour because I would’ve been more relaxed and better rested. I could still move my legs but I wasn’t allowed to move off the bed (so naturally I had to have a catheter). If someone touched me anywhere between my thigh and my stomach I had no sensation but anywhere else there was sensation but very faint on my legs. I definitely would recommend to anyone, the fact is I wanted to experience labour but next time I will just have the epidural and chill for the rest of the labour.

4:55pm – 7cm dilated…. ugh I was basically getting super imaptient by this point I just wanted the baby to be born to meet her and cuddle her. I needed distractions, so music was played in the background. I tried to nap… but couldn’t. Then I started to feel pressure, like I need to poop and that feeling got gradually worse. The only way I could get through the waves of pressure I was feeling was suck on that gas as well as pressing the button connected to my epidural every chance I could. I was begging the nurses to keep checking me but they didn’t want to cause any swelling otherwise I would need to have a C-section.

7:15pm – My final examination! Yes! I was fully dilated and I burst into tears because I knew this was the final stretch and it was time to push! I’ve heard stories of women pushing for hours before baby was born and then others were like 20 minutes. Lucky for me it wasn’t very long at all.

7:17pm – I started pushing and I had no control of that. My body was doing all the work and I just felt like I would assist by bearing down. 12 minutes later my baby was here!

7:29pm – A baby girl, 3345grams (7lbs 6oz), 52cm long and 35.5cm HC. We named her Willow and I fell in love with her instantly. I could not believe after all these years of issues, I finally had my baby!! Even though I obviously had 9 months of preparation for her arrival but nothing can compare to the feeling of her being placed on my chest!

Best day of my life so far!

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