This Summer Heat

So I keep hearing about this cold snap that is happening on the other side of the world right now (America/Canada etc) -50 degrees celcius? as much as I’m hating this 40 plus degrees celcius here in Australia, I think I would much prefer that over 50 below freezing!

Now I’m typing this up after a hot 40 degree Saturday! So it’s the 6th of Jan here. Tomorrow is supposed to reach 45 degrees (yuck!) Mind you I have no idea what the middle of Australia is reaching… I’ll just quickly look it up!

Ok so apparently apparently the hottest forecast is 40 degrees tomorrow in a couple of our major cities but where I live (an hour or so inland from the city of Sydney) it gets a few degrees hotter. We have a little easyset pool from our local kmart and it does the trick but is looking a little sad because I haven’t maintained it that well.

Today I took Willow with my mum and dad to their friends apartment because her complex has an inground pool. It was so nice to go for a swim but poor little Willow didn’t agree, she got so upset and it took a good 15 minutes or so to get her settled enough for me to put her down on her blanket. I sat with her for a while and then I dipped my feet in the water for a bit before she woke up again. She didn’t really sleep much while we were out. It was too damn hot to sleep probably, I know I wouldn’t have been able to sleep.

It’s currently 9:30pm while I’m typing this blog post and she has been alseep for at least an hour and a half minimum and have no idea if she is actually down for the night or not. My instinct is telling me I should take advantage and go to bed haha

I miss Winter… It was so much easier to warm up then it is to cool down. HAHAHA just as I finish this sentence my daughter awakens! I’ll be right back..

10pm and she is in her cot staring at her Ollie owl while it plays her bedtime music 🙂 She smiled at it when I turned on the music!! Made my heart melt ❤

Ok now as I was saying, I miss Winter! Coats, scarves, leggings, jeans, you name it and I love it! I can wear what I feel most comfortable in, winter clothes, I’m not a fashion person at all. I’m very much the ‘go to kmart and buy $100 worth of $5 items’ and this will last me at least 3 years before they look worn and old. Mind you I do the same with Summer, each year I will spend maybe $100 and buy clothes that will last a few years. I miss getting cosy with a hot cup of coffee, in my pyjamas, watching Netflix. I have to say though whilst I was pregnant, I didn’t notice the cold as much as I did the year before.

I’m so glad I wasn’t pregnant during summer… no f*cking thank you! I was crazy hot today and couldn’t imagine being pregnant in this heat… to all you mumma’s to be out there, I feel for you because if you are experiencing any morning sickness or are heavily pregnant and about to pop this heat would be torture!! Stay cool and hydrated!! You and your little one need to be at your best!

Anyone else planning on soaking in an ice bath to beat the heat this summer?

6 thoughts on “This Summer Heat

  1. momincolumbus says:

    Well I’m on the cold side of the planet right now in America. But I see what you mean that it’s easier to put clothes on than off. To be fair, our weather never gets that high in summer either. It’s usually much lower! Stay cool.

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    • Kazz818 says:

      Absolutely! However any extreme weather is awful, hot or cold! Stay warm over there and be safe!! Shattering windows and icy ground can be scary dangerous!! Maybe it’s the paranoia of a new mum in me haha I suddenly see danger everywhere now haha

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  2. The Colour Of Madness says:

    Ok I was complaining about 38, but 45? That is never okay! I loathe winter but I’m also not a fan of temperatures over 33 either… What really bugs me is that this week we have had a low of 7 and we are looking at 39 on Friday! Weather Gods if you’re listening…some consistency wouldn’t hurt! Though ultimately, I think I just like complaining 😉

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