Date Night: Gaming

Yes you read that right! Our date night consisted of playing video games on our pc’s. It was extremely enjoyable and I loved every minute of it! I miss playing as much as I did before but obviously I have an amazing reason why it’s not as easy anymore – Willow ❤

We try to have date night once a week but unfortunately Christmas and New Years was busy so we missed a couple of weeks. Monday night was a good start to date nights for 2018. Maybe once a month or something we will actually go out but for now I’m very happy with playing video games 🙂

Lately once Will is in bed for the night we have been playing Terarria (which I find so much fun and somewhat relaxing) but for quick games we like to play Garry’s mod or in the case of Monday night, we played Gang Beasts and Stick Fight. So so so so much fun!! I laughed so much and so hard that unfortunately I woke my daughter while my parents were trying to get her to sleep… whoops 😦

Gang Beasts is so hard to navigate initially because it’s like using puppets to fight each other… hilarious though! Basically there is a type of arena and you have to throw your opponents out-of-bounds to win. For those gamers out there, if you like quick games to have a good laugh with friends, this is definitely a good one!

This brings me to the next game we spent hours playing – Stick Fight. Another quick game that you just fight each other, except this one instead of just throwing each out-of-bounds you can use weapons to kill each other. My favourite weapon released snakes and oh boy I made it my goal to obtain that gun and start shooting snakes everywhere!

For some gamers, this might sounds boring and I can understand that because sometimes you want quests and a plot or story to follow but just for laughs these I definitely recommend! Now I don’t know where else these games are available because I got them via my Steam account on my pc, but definitely worth getting!

I record almost all my gaming and hopefully soon I can start editing these videos to upload to my YouTube channel, there is currently nothing on it but definitely want to put them somewhere where I can view anytime and I want to save the best parts! Then I can free up some space on my hard-drive to record more gaming 🙂

I like games like Assassins Creed, Skyrim, Fallout, Tomb Raider but also like survival games like Stranded Deep, Terarria, Minecraft etc. Obviously I like quick games too as you can tell from the two I played Monday night. I would happily look at any recommendations that any gamers out there think I would like. What’s your favourite game at the moment? I’d love to know! Leave a comment below!

Talk soon! 🙂

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