18 things I look forward to in 2018 – Part 1

I don’t know about you guys but I don’t feel any different now that it’s 2018. I remember feeling different when I was younger and always saying “New Year, New Me!”…. Rubbish! Do you want to know what 2018 means to me? Maybe? I’ll list it anyways 🙂

1) Willow cutting her first tooth

Lately this little miss has been very uncomfortable as she is having a really bad couple of weeks with her gums. She is extremely drooly, she is chewing on everything she can get her hands on, rosy cheeks and yes more dirty nappies! *sigh* I look forward to seeing her first tooth so she doesn’t have to suffer anymore.

2) My Blog

I am so happy I started this blog! I didn’t realise how much I enjoyed writing. I know that I’ve done a journal in the past and loved typing on a computer but never thought I would start a blog nor did I think I was capable of being consistently able to upload content. Let’s hope I keep the momentum and broaden my horizons or discover new blogs 🙂

3) Cruise

Now I think everyone would have this on their list when applicable because who doesn’t look forward to a holiday, even if it’s only 5 days! To be fair this will be our first holiday away from Willow and her first sleep over. Unless of course we trial her by letting her sleep over at Grants folks house for a night and see how she goes. I’m gonna be so anxious at first I can guarantee it.

4) Wedding

Unfortunately, there have been hiccups in planning this wedding but eventually a solid date will be set. No idea if the wedding will even be this year, since there is so much happening already. My folks holidays in April/May and September/October. A friend of ours is going on holiday for the entirety of September almost and other friends getting married and going on their honeymoon May/June. So time will tell as to when we will get married but planning will surely happen.

5) My best friends wedding

I am super excited for this wedding! My best friend is getting married in May and I am lucky enough to be one of her bridesmaids! This woman is like my sister and even though we have been busy and it’s been ages since we have seen each other, when we see each other it will be like no time has passed! I miss that woman, she is just the best! I am so so happy for her and her hubby to be! Such a great couple!

6) Willows first Easter

Willow has so many firsts that I am yet to experience but this is definitely one of them. She won’t really know what Easter is until next year but definitely can’t wait to see her grow and as much as I’d probably like to take her to a show. She might be a little too small yet haha! It’s just going to be one of her firsts and I’m probably being over the top but I think I want to dress her up in a bunny outfit or something 😀

7) Willows first birthday

Oh, well this will be amazing!! She already has so much personality and I really look forward to celebrating her first birthday and seeing how she will react! Plus I would like to do a naming day for her on her birthday so we can have nice celebration for her and for everyone to meet her (for those that haven’t had the chance yet)

8) Starting yoga

I haven’t started this yet but definitely going to, I’m not calling it a New Years Resolution because then I’ll probably lose complete interest, however I do know that I need to better myself mentally and physically for my health and for Willow. The healthier I am, everything else should follow right?

9) Potentially buying our first home

I mentioned this is in my post Onwards & Upwards! We moved in with my folks to save as much money as we can for a house, so far we have managed to get through Christmas with flying colours and now we have to register 2 cars (one to sell & the upgraded one because, well, I need a car for Willow).  So far so good, I have the ability to work part-time if I choose to and this gives us ample opportunity to save plenty, although I want to earn more to save more. I want to give Willow her own home.

Chat to you in Part 2 of 18 things I look forward to in 2018 🙂

3 thoughts on “18 things I look forward to in 2018 – Part 1

  1. charminginspirationsblog says:

    Hello! In regards to your wedding…. seems like October would be good for you if you decided to do it this year. 🙂 But as far as I can see, your baby girl will only be one so if you wait until next year she can walk at your wedding. *just my opinion, lol.
    —-I do wonder what is “a naming day for her on her birthday”?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kazz818 says:

      Hahah I appreciate hour opinion because that you read my post and actually took interest in it 😍

      A naming day is like a christening except it’s not a religious ceremony. We name people who we believe will be the best influence on our daughter (similar to god parents) 🙂


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