How I Quit Smoking

Alright, so technically I still kinda smoke but not cigarettes anymore and haven’t picked up a cigarette in about 8 weeks I think? I can’t even tell you the last time I had a cigarette, that’s how long it has been! I switched to vaping, I know it’s still smoking technically because you’re inhaling vapor combined with nicotine however, there have been some huge changes since I switched!

A little background on my smoking habits, since high school there would be kids who would hide behind the English or Science block to smoke. Sometimes I joined them. There would be band nights in the local town that teens could attend, smokers wewnt outside and I would find any excuse to go outside and smoke with them. That did’t happen often but it did. Then it would be going for walks sneaking however much time I could to smoke without getting caught by my mum – that never works and I got busted.

Then adulthood happened, I could buy my own so I did and I was an adult so I didn’t have to justify anything to anyone. Then I became a really heavy smoker, 25 to 30 cigarettes a day, one packet of 50 smokes would last me between a day and a half to two days. Don’t even ask me how much I smoked while drinking alcohol! Oh boy!

I basically quit smoking when I fell pregnant with Willow but the cravings never went away. I wanted to smoke so badly! Every morning I woke up thinking about how much I wanted a cigarette. It was horrible. Initially I was told by my doctor to not quit cold turkey because it could shock my body an cause problems with my pregnancy but he told me to quit within a month – at least try my best to. Then after Willow was born I picked up cigarettes like there was no time in between. I was back to smoking no problem. Except it was costing us $160.00 per week to smoke. That money could go towards something productive for our family.

My parents always said that we should try and quit smoking, my mum was a smoker for 20 plus years. Most of her life she spent as a smoker, then she quit smoking (not her first attempt either so obviously not easy). She told me that most of the people they go motorbike riding with were smokers (some extremely heavy smokers) and that half of them are now vaping and swear by it. Mum asked both me and Grant to at least look into it and do some research or something. We spoke to one of my parents friends who vape and he gave us some advice on where to purchase etc. So the suggestion was to visit The Steamery and go to their tasting bar to try different flavours and the product I got was the Vaporesso Tarot Nano kit and it was $80.00 for the kit alone, then we purchased different flavours. We thought “why not” altogether it cost us just shy of $250.00 for our complete set up with spare coils and different flavouts. That was beginning of November, I have placed 1 order since and it was delivered to my door which cost me $100.00 (only because we fucked up the ratio of the nicotine in the first batch of flavours and had to balance it out) Not too bad at all really. We bought a few extra tanks so we can change flavours whenever we like (another $100).

The difference in price alone between smoking & vaping

  • Smoking – November to now would have cost us minimum $1600.00
  • Vaping – November to now has cost us $400.00

Crazy right? We saved $1200.00 and decided to put that money towards something, so we upgraded our cars. We now have better cars. Never thought that would have been possible – or it would have at lest taken years before I had the ability to do that.

I have reduced my vaping dramatically, I don’t feel the need to have a vape first thing when I wake up. To be honest, there have been days where I haven’t vaped at all. When I’m out and about or have a drink or two I vape more but that’s rare. Grant suffers from Asthma and he no longer struggles on a daily basis like he used to. He doesn’t weeze when he sleeps anymore and he has reduced his dosage for his inhalers (recommended by the doctor of course). Incredible! I can’t thank my parents enough for suggesting we look into vaping and I suppose it helps that this time we wanted to make changes.

We have saved so much money and made the conscious effort to better our health by switching. Eventually I feel I won’t vape at all. Time will tell I guess. For anyone wanting to quit smoking for whatever reason, I highly recommend you look into this! It was best decision I ever made, even though it’s not for everbody, you have nothing to lose by looking into it! 🙂

2 thoughts on “How I Quit Smoking

    • Kazz818 says:

      Thank you!! I’m so happy with myself and honestly haven’t even caped since this post went up! I just don’t feel the need anymore and it’s a relief! Already I saved enough money to upgrade to a newer vehicle 😁 it’s safer and more comfortable for my daughter!

      Well done with your accomplishment! 8 years! That’s amazing, I can’t wait for my 8th year of no smoking to see my progress then 🙂


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