Sunday Funday!

What a way to spend a Sunday 🙂 It went really fast and was such a big day for Miss Willow!

She woke up at 6:30am with so much energy, I fed her and she was looking at me with eyes that basically said “it’s time to play mum, quick to the lounge room floor where I have begun my quest to take over the house!” I placed her under her playmat and she was as good as gold for about an hour or so. In that time I managed to wash and sterilize her bottles, diced up and separate 1kg of middle bacon and start preparing breakfast for myself, Grant and my parents 🙂 Omlettes, I need my practice.

Then I spent the next hour getting myself ready and packing the baby bag to head off and visit Grants parents. We got there and Will was more than happy to just either chill over someones shoulder or lay by herself and chat away or chew on her toy. Lot’s of photos of Willow were taken, trying to get a good shot of her smiling but she was like “HA! you guys are getting squat from me, suckers!” It was amazing thoug because while I was sitting on the floor with her, there was 90’s music playing on foxtel and so I started singing to Willow and then she was all smiles. Made my heart melt, I tell you!

Grant helped his brother set up his new TV and I’m not gonna lie the clarity in the pictures were amazing! I suppose that’s what happens when you get a 4K tv with OLED lighting – not that I have any idea what OLED lighting is… I have a rough idea though 🙂

Anyways, moving on to the rest of our day. We brought Grant’s car home (trying to sell it, since we upgraded) and I took photos for the car advertisement and then have spent the rest of my evening blogging and keeping Willow entertained until she goes to bed. Maybe that will be soon so I can relax and possibly get an early night, especially since it will probably be a tough day with Willow tomorrow as she gets her 4 month immunisations and if she is anything like last time she got super clingy. Poor baby.

January is almost at an end and so is my time as a stay at home mum… Need to stay positive and understand that I’m doing what’s right for my little family. This year has started off quite nicely and look forward to experiencing this amazing chapter in my life.

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