Mummy & Daughter Day Out!

Which day? Yesterday or today? Let’s talk about both! 🙂

I have been doing my best to lap up every moment I can with my little Willow! She’s growing so fast and rolling over now, I would hate to miss anything!

So recently Grant and I bought 2 newer used cars. We were desperate for an upgrade, our cars are 20 years old… So my little Corolla was sold yesterday and I have to say it was so weird watching it drive away from my house, knowing it wasn’t coming back. I got exactly what I wanted for it and put that money in our savings (yay). Then Willow and I went to visit my Nan & Pop, for the most part Will was awesome. She wasn’t fussy and she was happy, until of course she got tired. It was nice catching up with my grandparents 🙂 they are just so amazing and so humble, of course they are also hilarious haha they have such a cool dynamic in their relationship and it’s ideal! What’s that hashtag? #relationgoals? I dunno

Anyways today had to go to Centrelink to make sure I was doing everything properly and doing right by the government because I don’t wanna fuck them around. Too scary and risky! Willow basically cried the entirety of my Tim there at centrelink and jeez since when did putting fuel in a car become so difficult?! I went to a fuel station that had the option to pay at the pump but every pump was out-of-order.. dammit! So I had to go to an older station to fill up, this required getting an already unhappy baby out of the car (for not even a minute) just to pay for fuel and put her back in her seat to leave.. annoying..

Been at home now for a couple of hours, realised that I’m a little late with my post so I apologize and hopefully this is the rare time I’m late! Now time for a quick nap while the baby is sleeping so I have energy later to organise tomorrow’s outings.


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