It’s Just Unfortunate..

So it is safe to say that I’m officially wiped from the weekend. Normally it goes fast but now that I’ve worked the weekend it went even faster than I had originally remembered.

I’m emotionally drained from missing my baby girl for the 24 hours I worked over the weekend and those same hours spent missing Grant too, since I’m usually home waiting to see him after her finishes work. I’m also physically worn out, let me take you back to maybe a month ago? I dunno close enough… anyway, an amount of time ago my back was starting to give me grief. For instance, I would be just sitting on the couch and suddenly would get raging sharp pains running from my lower back (left side) across to my right or down the back of my left leg or sometimes both and it’s crippling pain. Sometimes I would be laying in bed and then suddenly can’t get out of bed and spend minimum 15 minutes getting in a sitting position. Any task I was doing was taking a risk that at any point the constant pain I feel could turn into numb legs and potential collapse on the spot.

I’ve had twinges in my back for a long time – 6 years mostly since the car accident I was in. However, not this bad or often which I firstly couldn’t understand what happened. Last week I spoke to my doctor about my issues with my back, he gave me a referral to get a CT scan done and so I went and got it done that day. I have an appointment in 2 days with My doctor to discuss results and with the assistance of Google I was able to decipher all the medical lingo yet could necessarily come to a conclusion as to what is causing the most pain. A summary? Ok. So apparently a disc bulge and slight dislocation of my lower vertebrae and is potentially rubbing bone to bone with another vertebrae or something connecting to my pelvic bone.

I remember back in 2012 I had a similar issue due to the car accident. I was getting driven home but 2 friends, when one set of traffic lights decided to glitch out and allow all traffic from every angle to at once. Drivers being none-the-wiser and continued driving at speeds of 70klms per hour, had collided with a small truck. I was then trapped in the back of this two door small Lancer and couldn’t feel anything from my waist down. I was terrified. I had to be cut out of the vehicle and was taken to Westmead Hospital for potential spine injuries. After 18 hours results came back with no broken bones or damage to my spinal cord so I was then allowed to move again. Essentially the impact of the car accident caused soft tissue damage and disc bulges and dislocation of vertebrae. So I did physio for a while and didn’t have many issues unless I overworked myself.

So recently my back has gotten worse and the pain relief I have is doing nothing. I need this fixed permanently and I’m willing to do anything to get better. I need to for my family and for my own sanity.

In all honesty, I was in the mindset of ‘poor Kass’ at first but now I just know that it’s just unfortunate.

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