Yay Holidays! Well kinda..

Technically I’m on unpaid leave but yes I’m having a week off after being back for a week. Unfortunately there was miscommunication and I’m not rostered but that’s ok it gives me breather especially with the way my back has been.

Plus I’ve missed my little girl!

Yesterday I came to the realisation that I need to work full time if I want a house for my family. Working part time is doable to live our current lifestyle however we could be saving more if I just worked full time. I wish I had prepared myself mentally a little earlier. But hey, I’m here now and have to do what I need to for my family. Now the search begins.

Ideally I like where I work and if they promoted me to higher management I could still have the hours I want plus earn the money we need to buy our first home. I like where I work, it’s fun and flexible too.

Well day one of our “holiday” or time off whatever was spent doing grocery shopping haha and then going to the doctor this afternoon to get results from my cruise scan and Grants xray. Let’s hope it’s nothing too serious *crosses fingers indefinitely*

I’ve been really slack with content lately and I think I may have to reduce my posts to 1 or 2 per week. While I was off work it seemed easier to write and last weekend has just worn me out mentally so I feel like I’m not giving enough to readers and that what I’m writing is boring or something.

So on that note I may just leave today as day 1 of my week off, if you have any feedback for me. Leave a comment below so I can absorb any advice or constructive criticism!

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