Game Night 1: Skyblock Challenge

Ok so, we have started a skyblock challenge on Minecraft and to tell you the truth I am super excited about it, because it reminds me of the times me and Grant would play games before Willow was even a thought.

Now normally we would start of with a fairly decent size block space, enough to make sure we wouldn’t fall into the abiss waiting for death. Instead of that we are size with a 3x3x3 size block of dirt with a tree in the middle. So far it has been interesting and scary, my finger didn’t leave the shift button (if you know minecraft on pc, you know what I’m talking about) because I didn’t want to accidently fall off the edge. Breaking down trees and platforming out is the best way to start.

So far so good, then Grants computer crashed teice and the server kept crashing… *sigh* so frustrating for all involved as we were just starting to work on the quest book! Half an hour of gameplay wasted.. Grant managed to set up a new map and literally spent 7 hours playing, honestly thanks to my folks for allowing us to have game night 🙂

I didn’t even realise that we had played for seven hours, time just flew by so fast and before we knew it it was 2am and thought maybe we should call it there for tonight haha. We managed to get a fair bit set up in game which is awesome 🙂 plus I like following the questbook because it teaches me how to craft 🙂 without forever asking Grant how to make things. We are playing this skyblock challenge with Grant’s brother Shane and it has been quite entertaining for us, especially since I have already died twice and so has Shane.

This challenge is something we want to edit and make into videos to upload to our YouTube account. Here’s hoping we don’t fuck it up, however I think we’ll be enjoying ourselves regardless.

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