Interview with a… who?

Disclaimer: this is posted a day late, forgive me guys!

Job interviews, I don’t remember them being this difficult or nerve racking. Becoming a mother has changed my perspective on so many things but I didn’t expect this to be one of them. I just came home from an interview this morning and I feel like I totally messed up my approach. I can barely remember what I said and it’s probably because my mind is blocking out the whole thing. Did I do well? I guess so, they seemed to like what I said to them and we had a good chuckle.

So now I wait until the end of the week to find out if I have been shortlisted or if I haven’t received the job. It’s gonna be a long week waiting for a call back about it. I have another interview tomorrow too, similar role except instead of being 5 minutes from home, it’s 45 minutes away. Not terrible but for the same money I know which one I would rather accept.

This is such a huge step in my life. I don’t want to go back to work at all to be honest but unfortnately I need to work at least part time (which I am doing currently) but working full time will get us a house sooner than planned.

Now I wait.. fingers crossed

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