I Quit!

I did it. I resigned from my current job. I only went back 2 weeks ago from maternity leave but I came back to finding out that apparently my relationship with my fiance was holding me back. I dont care where it came from my somehow people knew about my application for a full time position within the company and knew inwasnt going to get it. 

I don’t want to be in a stagnant position waiting for someone to maybe move on when I know there is opportunity elsewhere. Especially when I can potentially earn a lot more. I feel the decision I have made is best for me and my family, I will do my best to not let people make me feel guilty. I feel some people have taken it personally and I shouldn’t be made to feel guilty.

I grew tired of hearing things second hand positive or negative. I would have loved to have heard it first hand but it seems that only happens once a resignation is submitted. Only then, did I hear what I had wanted to hear initially but by that point regardless of what was offered I have made my choice and I’m now going to commit to that decision.

It upsetting really because I enjoyed what I did, I liked my role and also liked working with customers and it was fun. I laughed and had fun with the customers, was one of my favourite things to do.

I wasn’t going to risk my reputation as a good employee by not giving my full heart into the job now that I felt I’d lost interest. It’s not fair on anyone involved especially my manager because my lack of willingness to perform now would’ve been even more disappointing than my resignation.

Just another hurdle to overcome and another chapter in my journey about to start. Let’s see what comes next.

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