Teething & All It’s Glory

Hey everyone, so I have a teething 4 & 1/2 month old and I really hate seeing her this way. Especially when she feels relief with whatever she is chewing on but then seconds later doesn’t work for her anymore. I do the rounds with a cloth nappy, a face washer, a teething ring, her dummy, my finger, whatever seems to soothe her until nothing works and then it’s bonjela. If that all fails and she is still upset or fussing, then it’s panadol to give some relief if only for a few hours.

She has been teething since she was about 10 weeks old and the poor thing seems like she has a long way to go before she cuts some teeth.. I look forward to that day because it gives her so much grief and it breaks my heart.

I’m thinking I should start making her wear bibs throughout the day when she is teething because she drools so much! So cute and so gross haha, when I lift her up over my head she decides that’s a good time to blow bubbles and drool worse. The dirty nappies have increased in these last few days due to her teething and her rosy cheeks are even more rosy. She is also quite clingy, which I find adorable and frustrating all at the same time. She can be so cuddly when she is unsettled and I can generally nurse her to sleep (as much as I try to avoid doing that, so she doesn’t need to be rocked to sleep) I don’t want to form any bad habits. Neither myself or Grant want to form any bad habits, I should say.

We both agree that baby talk is a no go for us, we want Willow to learn complete words not fake abbreviated “baby words” because they are so impressionable between now and basically until they are pre-teen. If she wants to speak silly abbreviations, she can do so when she’s older and wants to talk like that. Until then it’s words that are in the dictionary πŸ™‚

Does anyone else agree with us on this topic? Or is baby talk your thing? Each to their own, obvioulsy other parents do what they feel is right for their children and I do my best to not judge them πŸ™‚ Unless of course it is unlawful in any way… I should really be careful how I word things, anything I say could be taken out of context. Not ideal.

Anyways, conclusion being that my teething infant is going through a rough time and essentially I am begging her teeth to cut through πŸ™‚

Talk to you guys in my next post πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Teething & All It’s Glory

  1. The Colour Of Madness says:

    Teething sucks. Yes, invest in bibs. Many, many bibs.
    As for baby talk, LOL I, like you, was always frustrated by peoples need to ‘dumb things down’ for the baby, my first child learned everything ‘correctly’ down to, ‘look at the big golden labrador’ or black and white ‘border collie’! I had friends that would point at a dog and say to their child “Look a woof” which irritated the proverbial out of me, though as time wore on and I had my second, third and fourth child… I got progressively slacker in the correctness department as my time thinned out, eventually I too succumbed to “Look a doggy! Hurry up and get in the broom broom everyone!”
    Now that they are all big, I can see that my teaching methods made absolutely zero impact on them. My 1st born has the worst grammar of the lot and my 3rd has the best and if I’m honest, I’m pretty sure he taught himself how to speak and read because I don’t remember doing it! My friend who spoke to her children mostly in sounds had no issues with their speech as they grew whatsoever and all of our kids quickly ceased any baby talk habits they may have retained when they started school!
    In summary, do what ever feels right to you!

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    • Kazz818 says:

      That’s really good to know since I’ve been seriously panicky about speech development or just general learning for Willow. I suppose this is normal for first time mum’s then? Haha πŸ™‚ I seriously am super grateful for your comment because it helps me look at things from a different perspective like being a little more relaxed about the correctness of pronunciation or what have you. πŸ™‚

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