5 Month Update: Baby & Postpartum

Hey everyone! Another month has been and gone! I swear it felt like only a couple of weeks ago I was taking photos for the 4 month update. Time to tell you how my little girl has grown over the last month 🙂

Firstly, she has started rolling over on to her tummy so much more now. Even to the point that as soon as she is on her back she rolls to her tummy then cries instantly because she realises that she is still yet to learn to roll back onto her back or better yet to crawl to where she wants to go. There are a few things that she absolutely loves now and probably her most favourite is her walker. She hasn’t been able to move anywhere yet but she loves to stand upright or sit upright and play with her toys on it. She is happiest in that walker and generally that is the first thing I put her in after her first nap of the day.

Willow’s Development

Her communication is progressing nicely, I wouldn’t know if she has learnt faster or slower than average. All I know is that instead of one or two sounds she made in the past it’s now several different sounds and she has learnt the addition of blowing raspberries into her language. Her focus and reactions to sounds and her name seem to be getting more and more prominent… if that’s even the right word? She absolutely loves the sound of kissing noises and clicking with your mouth. She becomes mesmerised and smiles constantly.

Her motor skills are also progressing quite quickly in my opinion because now she seems to be able to execute tasks (mostly just grabbing things she wants) however to me it’s still an amazing progression in her overall development. She can essentially hold her bottle all by herself now (unless it is a full 260ml bottle, too heavy I assume) and she opens her mouth when I bring a spoon near her mouth for solid foods. She just amazes me with how much she has learnt this month.

Grants family bought a jolly jumper and some other things for Will and needless to say, she loves the Jolly Jumper! The sounds she makes when jumping in that thing is just so flippin adorable! Smile on her face and happy sounds, we all just watch with such amazement!

Her routine overall is pretty predictable now unless she is having a bad day with teething. But mostly now, she wakes up between 6am-7am for her first feed of the day then she goes straight back to bed for her first nap for an hour or two. Then when she wakes, I put her straight in her walker and she is happy for about an hour or so which gives me time to do what I need to do. After that she has breakfast, which lately is puree apple (about 4 or 5 heaped baby spoonfuls into a bowl) and a bottle (between 90ml to 150ml) and then she will generally poop & play for a bit before her next nap for the day. Generall she will sleep between an hour or two before waking up for lunch and then same as the morning, be awake for a couple of hours before her afternoon nap. Then it’s her night-time routine 🙂 again pretty standard, she will have a nap around 4pm and then when she wakes it’s dinner time (approximately 6pm) then awake until she goes to bed for the night. I’m very lucky in that department.

Mummy Update

As for me, I will admit I have been struggling lately however I feel that the more I set time aside for myself the more relaxed I will be. Without having a job now and looking for work, I have been feeling less than adequate. As a mum I can only hope I am doing a good job and as a fiance I can only hope the same. Physically after the birth everything is still smooth as ever, however I recently found out I have a birth defect in back, which was causing my back pain. No way to fix it either short of having a spinal fusion, which of course is my last resort and my doctor’s last option. Some weight loss should help alleviate pressure but won’t solve the issue. Unfortunately, I have not started yoga like I planned but will work on that. I’ve started meal prep which has been helpful, just need to get used to eating vegetables that are not potato…

*inhale* *exhale* *inhale* *exhale*

It’s ok Kass, you can do this! It’s not that hard, you love food remember?

Apart from that, not much else to update on from my end 🙂 I’m probably going to do a post on my make-up routine because some days I just like to pretty up and feel good 🙂

Anyway, until my next post. Have an awesome day guys! x

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