Two More Weeks!!!

Well just over two weeks before we leave for our short holiday! We both need this and after all the stress and bother with the wedding being pushed back, parenting and general stress of impatience that I’m known for, we can relax and just enjoy date night 4 nights in a row!

Grant is on leave from the 14th of March for two weeks which will be nice because so far each holiday or time in lieu that has been planned has kinda gone to shit for the most part. The only time it didn’t was when he took 4 weeks leave when Willow was born but that was tiring in itself because we were brand new parents with a brand new baby so it was weird. The emotions we were feeling were crazy and to be honest I was so tired all the time. I wanted to soak up every minute I could with her! In hindsight, I honestly could have done with more sleep while she slept or more gaming because it’s so much harder now to do those things for myself, now that she is sleeping less through the day. I could stay up every night but it would eventually exhaust me.

So both myself and Grant are looking forward to this holiday, and probably for similar but somewhat different reasons. Grant is looking forward to a break because he goes to work 5 days a week then comes home to me who begs for attention and a baby who is kinda learning to do the same. So he will probably look forward to a responsibility free week on the cruise, where he can enjoy a few drinks and not have to feel guilty because baby is at home being looked after and cared for. Me, on the other hand, it’s important for me and Grant to reconnect because since becoming parents our dynamic has changed so much and it has affected our relationship. Yes we each other so much more than before (which we didn’t think was possible) but we also irritate each other more than before too. The good and the bad never seem to completely separate, if there is one there is generally the other to follow. However, this should help to reduce the bad days. A time for us both to recharge our batteries and come back fresh.

I feel that this holiday will definitely help me with my anxiety of being away from Willow. Last weekend I went up the coast with my family to attend the Red Hot Summer Tour and it was phenomenal, the only thing was I missed my baby although I didn’t spend the entire time sulking and did my best to enjoy the concert. I don’t think I did too bad being away from her for a night, she was perfectly fine though haha. I came home from the weekend and she was all smiles and then I was all good.

The countdown until our holiday will probably feel really slow now and I can’t wait to share the experience we have with everyone! Especially since this will be only my second cruise, the first one I went on was 12 years ago and I was underage! Yay for new experiences!

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