Happy Saturday!

Hey everyone! Good morning! Rise and shine! Whatever you say. This week has been quite eventful for me, well at least in my opinion anyway.

Monday was all phone calls and finally organising life insurance and income protection, a good two hours was spent going through so many assessment questions regarding our lifestyle and health. It’s a relief knowing that is all sorted for our daughter. Then spent the rest of the day playing Minecraft while baby naps and then when she was awake we would entertain her 🙂 sweet little girl my Willow is! I’m bias, I know..

Tuesday I was called in to a recruitment agency for an interview, I was really keen because this recruitment agency purely works with people who have experience in accounting or credit management. So I went in really excited, met with the recruiter and she was really nice and honest. I appreciate that in a recruiter because at least I know where I stand with my job search.

Wednesday and Thursday was spent at home with my daughter being productive with housework and searching for more jobs. So nothing really eventful there. However, was really nice having that time with Willow and just enjoying her company.

Yesterday, was the interview for a position the recruiter put me forward for. I feel really positive about it, to me the interview seemed to go really well and it seems like they liked me for my personal and professional traits. I really hope I get this job because it’s close to home and seems like a really great company and team to work for. Hopefully I should know by Wednesday next week and I’m so impatient too, I would love some feedback regarding my interview too.

Today I think I will just relax at home with my daughter and maybe I’ll even nap when she does and catch up on some sleep! Have an awesome day everyone, I know I plan on having one 🙂

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