From SAHM to Working Mum!

After making the decision to quit my job in hospitality (back in February) I was lapping up the fact I got to spend all my time with my daughter. We would play and giggle all day. I watched her learn every day! Then I came to the realization that as much as this was my dream come true, I wanted to help provide the best life for her and that meant looking for work to save for our first home.

I sent my resume to so many companies and applied for so many jobs. At first I was picky and then it got to a point where I was feeling desperate because people were not willing to employ a new mum. After weeks of interviews and no results, I accepted a job I really didn’t want because it was far from home and I wouldn’t see my family very much. I was there one week and I knew I didn’t want to really continue. Thankfully my sister was keeping an ear out for any jobs through word of mouth and then found one for me.

Bookkeeping for a small business local to home and I have been there since mid May and I love it. I started two days a week now I’m doing 3 days a week. Soon it will increase to 4 days then full time hours eventually. So happy with my work/life balance right now, I’m enjoying every aspect of my work and the hours I spend at home with my family!

I also get the time to play with makeup which is my hobby, I love doing my makeup! It’s something I do for me when little Willow sleeps or is too busy playing with her toys and I’m not exciting enough for her haha!

Happy Sunday everyone! Live, love and laugh.. I know I will! Xx

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