Day In The Life with A Toddler

Hey Everyone! So I have been pretty good with routine of late, especially since I’m temporarily not working. I have to say it’s been a while since I have felt this content, I don’t know exactly why however I feel it is a combination of having my househould chores in order constistantly and spending time with my daughter more. I notice that I’m more patient too, instead of feeling like I just spent all day working then come home and work some more. So basically I want to share what my daily routine with a 16 month old looks like lately and I hope this inspires others to feel great like it does for me!

Waking Up

Unfortunately one habit that has formed due to heat, we are co-sleeping because Willows bedroom has been unbearably stuffy and hot in this Australian heat. At the hottest time of the day our temperatures have reached up to 45°C and it has been awful to say the least. Willow has been waking up approximately between 4:30am-6am for a bottle and nappy change then she will generally go back to sleep until about 7-7:30am. She will then sit up in bed and make “uh-huh” sounds until I turn on Netflix for her, she enjoys The Wiggles immensly and she will watch that whilst I get out of bed and set myself up for the day.


Breakfast lately for me has been streaky bacon, one egg and some onion on a slice of toast with avocado and I make Willow one fried egg and cut up a slice of cheese. Problem is, she barely wants to eat in the mornings. She would rather have a bottle of water until lunchtime. She’ll sometimes pick at the egg or cheese but literally leaves a good two thirds of the plate untouched.

After breakfast she will play and run around the house while I put on laundry (yes this is either daily or every second day), wash dishes, check emails and facebook. In amongst this I will play with her when she wants me to. Then by 10am she starts to get a little fussy and restless. She has been so adorable lately when she gets this way because as much as she moans and whines, she generally wants a cuddle or two before laying back on our bed to rest. She will generally rest on our bed and roll around getting comfortable with her little unicorn blanket that she loves for about an hour before she either falls asleep for her nap or gains a second win and runs around for the next 2 to 3 hours.

Nap Time

Normally Willow is asleep between 12noon until anytime between 1pm and 3pm. During this time is where I get time to myself to get a lot of things for myself done where it is easier without a toddler pulling my hair, stepping on my feet and throwing toys at my head! I catch up on my Youtube subscriptions, read some blog posts that I haven’t read in a long time, do some video editing or even nap myself if I’m absolutely recked from entertaining Willow that morning. Like now for example I am writing my blog posts uninterrupted. Which is such a wonderful time for me because I get to let my mind wander and talk about my life or anything really.

Lunch & Afternoons

I try to make sure I eat lunch so I don’t feel like I am starving by the end of the day. So I’ll have a chicken toastie or chicken salad and Willow will always pick from my lunch (if she is awake of course). When Will ow wakes from her nap she generally has another bottle and nappy change then a banana flavoured custard from the local grocery store/shop. She loves those, I have to buy at least 15 of them per week along with 12 litres of milk. The afternoons are spent playing and dancing to The Wiggles with Willow most days or reading her books or cuddling her stuffed animals, you name it really and she will want to do it. If it is really really hot and even inside the house is not that cool I will take her outside and play with the hose and fill up her little baby pool. We could spend upwards of 2 hours outside playing and then she will get fussy and want to go back inside.

Evening/Night Time

One of my favourite times of the day because this is when Grant will get home from work and I always am very excited to see him and hear about his day! Even though not much happens around this time, it is definitely my favourite. Grant will get home and while he winds down and changes out of his uniform we chat and catch up for the day and he will spend the next however long playing and talking with Willow. She also gets very excited to see him, but the novelty wears off and she does her own thing for a couple of hours until bedtime.

We always have dinner together but again that is soon after Grant gets home. Grant and I mostly prepare and cook dinner together with Willow around our feet, or we will order in and just have a really chill night in chatting, playing with Willow or even play video games together if Willow is in an exceptionally independant mood. I’ll have to do an update soon since I’ve been so far behind on so many things, I’m sure I will catch up.

So there you have it, a pretty cruisy yet full day on average with a toddler. Now time to do a huge cull of Willows room as there are so many things that she has never used and probably never will use. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! xx

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