Ah yes, this is the part where I describe myself and hope that others can relate and not feel alone. I’ll do my best to make this short and sweet as I am sure you will get to know me through my attempt at blogging.

So I’ll start with my name and it’s Kassandra but Kass or Kazz will do 🙂 I’ve never been the blogging type and when it came to social media I never really posted many things either. I’m a very private person to most but to the people who are closest to me, they see a whole lot more of me. (Probably more than they would like)

I would say I’m a very loud person, my personality in a nutshell is very bubbly and happy. I tend to talk fast and think too many things at once. I like a clean house (although struggle to keep it that way) I tend to lose motivation quickly which can be quite frustrating.

I found my partner in life at the age of 22 however, did not know it at the time, we started a friendship that we both knew would last a lifetime but did not realise that a short 2 years later that friendship would turn into something more. Grant was the friend I could always rely on for absolutely anything and at any time. Almost 3 years together and he is still my best friend and love of my life.

Grant gave me the best gift a woman could ask for, a daughter! Little miss Willow was the miracle we both thought would never happen. Little rainbow baby indeed! Our lives truly began when she was born.

Well here it goes, my first attempt at sharing my life with more people and hopefully with my words I can either entertain or help others. How my dream became a reality!